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SELF Love (wellness retreat) -
Break all Conditions 

 Design by Ananta


Self-love is a transformative program that combines Therapeutic Yoga practices, Aware learning sessions, Healing and Meditation.

Guided by Yogi AnantaGuru, this program includes a powerful 90-minute Yogic process called the transmission of Understanding activities.

By participating in this program, you can build a foundation of healthy mind set, joy, and sense of meaningfulness, and establish a Awareness in your Happy Life.

SELF LOVE – break all Conditions!

What is the first thought we observe when we think of Self-love?
Is it –why should I love self, how can I love self, I cannot do that, self-love is not important, I love my self-less, how to love more, what will I gain from it .. or any other thought which stops our thinking in going further towards loving self …
I would request you to please let go of these thoughts and see from a point of view that what I can benefit from this post – which will ensure a positive state of learning with understanding.

Infinite Love

Self-love is the most vital emotion needed by Human being in order to live and Grow with Harmony, it clears all the blockages which inhibit our Growth and Success.
When an individual has low Self-love, he/she will experience not so healthy relationships, moderate performance in career, low self-belief, low sense of achievement and low success ratio in whichever domain he/she interacts.
Not Loving self is like being resistive to claim what is yours.

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Our Understanding Says

Crab Nebula


Self-love of any individual is lost or is nonexistent due to the conditions in which he/she was raised from childhood. Conditions are very dangerous because they are formed from limited surroundings and without any logic or reason. 

Our conditions tell us many things which limit our Self-love like I am responsible for all outcomes, I am not successful, I am not better than my colleague, people don’t like me, I am nowhere capable when compared to the role models, I have messed all my life, I am not perfect, I make many mistakes, my parents like my friends more, I lack skills, I lack confidence, I am not smart enough then my friends, I am not rich.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Mountain Ridge

All these conditions are the result of how we have perceived our Surroundings from childhood, and as these Conditions were created in our own mind we have to remove them which we alone can do with our will and replace these conditions with our understanding of Self. 

Enjoying Outdoor
Mountain Road
Yoga Class

We all are created equally by our Creator (at the soul level), there cannot be any comparison between any humans. We all have been blessed with Free Will – which entitles to live life in our manner by our Understanding which should be focused on Self-growth. We are blessed with Happiness. 

We are made with Love such that we operate out of love in all our dealings and See everyone with love without any Bias.

We have the power to create whatever we desire and destroy in our lives, not the situations or people around us.


When we replace our existing conditions with
New Understanding we will observe exponential Growth in our careers, increased level of Happiness, high Self-belief, Perpetual growth, increased understanding of self and life, Harmony in relationships.

We will move towards making an impact in our World through living our lives.

Exceptional Quality

Easy to adapt our unique methods

24/7 Support (Before and after)

Learning the Key Elements of the life

Awareness Based solution no Dependency

Find the Root Causes of the problem and solved it

Certified Professionals

Mudra Meditation

Our Features

What do you get?

3 Sessions of Therapeutic
Yoga or Flow Yoga.

Includes yoga therapy for Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, Diabetes, Obesity, Anxiety, Stress, Heart disease, Hypertension, Depression, Digestive Disorders, and many more Psychosomatic disease).

4 Sessions of Meditation

3 Sessions of Pranayama

2 Sessions of Intensive LEARNING
to be more in Self-love.

1 Session of EBRR (Emotional Body Release & Refresh)

1 Session of BPSC (Body power source cleansing - Hara Massage)

1 Session of OIAC (One-on-One Intensive Aware Counselling)

Prices Includes all the Pick-up & Drop at Palampur, Pottery sessions at Andretta Pottery, Nature walks, Visit to Wah Tea Estate & Norah Richards Art Center.

River Stones
Burning Incense

Key Meditations

Meditation is a state of being 'aware' of everything within you! Yes, being aware! not about knowing .. not about being informed .. not about experiencing things - but being aware! And that requires that you need to live life as you know it, not quit it to seek awareness


 Chakra breathing Meditation

This active meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of the seven chakras and into your life. This meditation is best done on an empty stomach.


Kundalini Meditation

Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day. Excellent to release trauma, tone the abdomen and open all the chakras to access kundalini energy and power. 


Gibberish Meditation

A powerful meditation to clear the throat and voice emotions using a nonsense made-up language to clear emotions and still the mind. 


Nadabrahma  Meditation

Nadabrahma is the humming meditation – through humming and hand movements, conflicting parts of you start falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you “slip out of their hold” and become a witness to both. This watching from the outside is what brings peace, silence and bliss.

River Stones

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The Kut House - Forest Home Stay nestled amidst nature's embrace. Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the forest, breathe in the crisp, fresh air, and rejuvenate your spirit.

The Kut House blend seamlessly with the lush surroundings, offering a tranquil retreat where you can unwind, reconnect with nature, and experience the healing power of the wilderness. Explore nature living with locally sourced organic food in crispy breeze of Dhauladhar mountains and birds sing. Its an artist village and if you know the spell embrace your skills to next level to socialise with experts around.

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Our Clients Say

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*All what you need is to understand yourself!*
At a certain point, I started to question myself what’s the purpose of my life, what is happiness, does it exist, why we depend on others to feel happy or loved, why we always seek validation from others, why there’s a pain in all aspects of our life.
I couldn’t find the answers, although I tried many things, like therapy, self-empowerment, doing activities, changing my lifestyle, trying to face my fears, etc. when this didn’t work, I felt the need to go deeper and start understanding myself and this is where I found this retreat.
No matter how much you think you understand yourself, after this retreat you start to find the answers you were looking for, you’ll start to understand your feelings and your emotions, you’ll start to know why you’re feeling this way, how to take charge of your feelings, also you’ll understand the meaning of a lot of things deeply. Let me be clear here, 4 days retreat won’t heal you completely. If you really want to heal, go for 21 days of retreat.

Ananta) has all the credit for this, he’s a super humble, loving, and caring mentor.
He tried his best to share with me all the learnings he gained in the last 23 years. I feel gratitude for meeting him.
I was amazed by the things he shared with me, the deep and right questions he was asking, by trying to support me in all aspects he could. Definitely the world needs more people like him.

Ready for Sign Up

SELF Love (Wellness Retreat) - break all Conditions

Dates: 27-30 June, 2024!

Group Retreat

Residential Course Fee (USD/INR): Per Person

Single Occupancy
$ 545 (USD) | ₹ 45,000 INR 
Double Occupancy
$ 425 (USD) | ₹ 35,000 INR

Note - Limited Seats Please book in advance.

Our Self-love program offering tools to take charge of your mind, body, emotions and energies, and live a life with total happiness and awareness

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