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Detox Mind-Body:
Yoga & Meditation Retreat

 Design by Ananta

If your mind & body feels dullness, lethargic, grumpy, experience an afternoon slump (that sometimes lasts all day?), feel tired some (or all) of the time, it may be that your Mind & body is crying out for a chance to Deep cleansing through Detox.

Embark on a six-day journey to rejuvenate your mind and body at the ReDiscover ThySelf Detox Mind-Body Retreat. Led by the experienced Yogi AnantaGuru, this transformative program offers a holistic approach to cleansing on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social levels.

Nourish yourself with wholesome foods carefully selected to enhance your body's innate detoxifying abilities, steering you towards your ideal weight and vitality. Through a potent blend of practices including 90-minute Yogic sessions, meditations, healing therapies, breathwork, and profound explorations of self and emotions, known as the transmission of Understanding activities, you'll embark on a profound journey towards clarity and equilibrium.


As you participate in this retreat, you'll not only regain your vitality but also unearth a profound sense of joy, purpose, and mindfulness in your life. It's a chance to lay the foundation for a healthier mindset and a more fulfilling existence.

Our Program Designed

At ReDiscover ThySelf, we've meticulously crafted a selection of juices and meals designed to cleanse and harmonize your body while providing essential nutrients vital for optimal health. During your stay, you have the choice to indulge in rejuvenating juices or savor nourishing meals, tailored to support your body's cleansing process without leaving you feeling deprived.

Unlike restrictive diets that leave you constantly hungry, every morsel we serve is carefully curated to nourish your body and guide you towards your ideal weight. By pairing these nutritious offerings with invigorating yoga sessions, you'll witness your body transform—gaining tone, flexibility, and an overall sense of inner radiance that emanates from within.

Overall Experience

At our transformative retreat, we offer an ideal sanctuary for breaking through the barriers of past conditioning that inhibit your true self-expression and prevent you from fully embracing your dreams and deepest aspirations.

Drawing from the wisdom of Osho, Buddha, Tantra, Shamanic traditions, and contemporary embodiment practices, Ananta curates a transformative journey. Through a blend of ancient wisdom and modern approaches, he creates a nurturing and enchanting environment where authenticity, inner silence, and embodied ecstasy can flourish.
Step into a safe and magical space where you're encouraged to shed layers of limitation and embrace your authenticity. It's a journey of self-discovery and liberation, where you'll find the courage to live in alignment with the calling of your heart and manifest your truest desires.

Unlock the boundless potential within you with our expert guidance.

Take the first step towards your transformation—contact us today.

🕰 Explore Daily Schedule:

Yoga Retreat


Experience a full spectrum of transformative activities throughout your Detox retreat journey, starting at 7:00 am and concluding between 8:30 pm to 9:00 pm (depending on the day's schedule). Attendance in all activities is mandatory, ensuring you make the most of your time with us.

Each day presents a diverse array of offerings tailored to enrich your experience. From therapeutic yoga and Mindfulness sessions to rejuvenating bodywork and insightful meditation practices, there's something for everyone. Dive deep into self-discovery with intensive learning sessions and yoga Nidra, fostering self-awareness and inner peace.

Blue Flowers

Indulge in nourishing vegetarian meals and enjoy moments of relaxation during free time intervals. Engage in enlightening discussions during the open house and seek clarity during the question and answer sessions.

Mountain Road
Yoga Class

Upon arrival, you'll receive a comprehensive five-day program outlining the day's activities, ensuring you're fully immersed in this transformative journey.

06:00 - Personal activity / Optional walk
07:00 - Therapeutic or Kriya yoga (Deep Cleansing the body)

08:30 - Breakfast buffet
10:00 - 60 minutes: Meditation / Activity
11:15 - Bodywork (healing sessions / spa / Free time)
12:00 - 60 minutes: Pranayama
13:00 - Vegetarian lunch buffet
14:00 - Free time
16:00 - Meditation / Activity
17:00 - Tea break
18:00 - Intensive learning for self-awareness / Yoga Nidra 19:00 - Vegetarian dinner buffet
20:00 - Question & answer / Open house
21:30 - Rest time


Key Focus Areas

✨ Break free from old patterns, conditioned beliefs, habits, and attachments.
✨ Transition from merely 'knowing' to deeply understanding.
✨ Embrace natural simplicity and love in the present moment.
✨ Fuse spiritual awakening with the body and mind.
✨ Dive into meditation, awareness, presence, stillness, emptiness, and oneness.
✨ Allow vulnerability and emotions to gain clarity while observing as a witness.
✨ Release the mind, roles, and ideas to meet in formlessness.
✨ Shift focus from seeking activation and excitement to observing spontaneous arising.
✨ Calm the nervous system and quiet the inner chatter of the mind.
✨ Find balance by engaging with form while rooted in the formless.
✨ Perceive and engage with the world and others beyond mental constructs.
✨ Sense the presence of others through your own presence.
✨ Come together to share this profound space, transforming and simply being.


What you'll Experience

💫 Embark on a journey of profound self-discovery through powerful yet accessible meditation practices, effectively reducing stress in both body and mind.

💫 Discover the secrets to achieving natural and sustainable weight loss, empowering you to embrace a healthier lifestyle effortlessly.

💫 Master the art of holistic wellbeing, uncovering simple yet potent techniques to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

💫 Delve into the rich traditions of Buddhism and Tantra, exploring ancient rituals, meditations, and practices for profound transformation and enlightenment.

💫 Awaken your inner strength and vitality with ancient Tibetan breathing techniques, igniting the fiery energy of the lion within.

💫 Experience the liberating power of laughter through dynamic meditation techniques, banishing anxiety and cultivating inner peace.

💫 Activate, ground, circulate, expand, and synchronize your life force and divine energy, unlocking your full potential and vitality.

💫 Engage in deep self-inquiry, expanding the boundaries of your being and uncovering the mysteries of existence.

💫 Embark on a mesmerizing shamanic journey guided by music, traversing from the realm of form to the boundless expanses of the formless.

💫 Expand your heart to embrace boundless love and healing, tapping into the transformative potential of the heart-centered meditation practices.

💫 Connect with your soul through the sacred art of touch, experiencing profound soul connection and healing through emptiness.

💫 Learn the art of conscious communication and sensing, honing your ability to connect deeply with yourself and others.

💫 Experience the healing power of belly or hara healing, cultivating embodied connection and inner balance through breathwork.

💫 Immerse yourself in a conscious and supportive community, tapping into the collective wisdom and energy for healing and transformation.

💫 Reconnect with the natural world and rediscover your true infinite self, tapping into the profound wisdom of nature.

💫 Integrate the transformative qualities of your experience into your daily life, embodying the essence of your journey in every moment.

Exceptional Quality

Easy to adapt our unique methods

24/7 Support (Before and after)

Learning the Key Elements
of the life

Awareness Based solution no Dependency

Find the Root Causes of the problem and solved it

Certified Professionals

Mudra Meditation

Our Features

What do you get?

5 Sessions of Therapeutic
Yoga or Flow Yoga.

Benefit from specialized yoga therapy tailored to address various physical and psychosomatic ailments, including back pain, knee pain, anxiety, stress, obesity, digestive issues and more.

10 Sessions of Healing Meditation 

Engage in a variety of healing meditation practices, including Re-energized Breathing Chakra Sound/Breathing Meditation, Nadabrama Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Self-Inquiry Meditation, and Dance or Natraj Meditation.

5 Sessions of Pranayama

Deepen your breathwork practice with sessions focusing on Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Full Yogic Breathing, and Advanced Breathing with Awareness.

2 Sessions of Intensive LEARNING
to be more in Self-aware.

Dive into transformative sessions aimed at fostering self-awareness, personal growth and clearing all the mental blocks.

1 Session of BPSC (Body power source cleansing - Hara Massage)

Indulge in a blissful session of therapeutic massage  or Hara massage (Abdominal) to relax and rejuvenate your body.

1 Session of EBRR (Emotional Body Release & Refresh)

Unlock emotional blockages and refresh your spirit with this powerful session.

1 Session of OIAC (One-on-One Intensive Aware Counselling)

Personal Time for Nature Walks, sitting near the river or Ocean, and nature blessed forests

River Stones
Burning Incense

Key Meditations

Meditation is a state of being 'aware' of everything within you! Yes, being aware! not about knowing .. not about being informed .. not about experiencing things - but being aware! And that requires that you need to live life as you know it, not quit it to seek awareness


 Chakra breathing Meditation

This active meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of the seven chakras and into your life. This meditation is best done on an empty stomach.


Kundalini Meditation

Being fully immersed in the shaking and dancing of the first two stages helps to “melt” the rock-like being, wherever the energy flow has been repressed and blocked. Then that energy can flow, dance and be transformed into bliss and joy. The last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day. Excellent to release trauma, tone the abdomen and open all the chakras to access kundalini energy and power. 


Gibberish Meditation

A powerful meditation to clear the throat and voice emotions using a nonsense made-up language to clear emotions and still the mind. 


Nadabrahma  Meditation

Nadabrahma is the humming meditation – through humming and hand movements, conflicting parts of you start falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you “slip out of their hold” and become a witness to both. This watching from the outside is what brings peace, silence and bliss.

ReDiscover ThySelf Offering retreats in Goa & Himachal Pradesh India!

Mandrem, North - Goa is a tropical retreat center located on the beautiful and unspoiled Mandrem Beach and the enchanting Mandrem river in the very north of Goa. We warmly invite you to come and visit us throughout the year as we are now open during monsoon.

You can stay with us on one of our Retreats, Yoga holidays, Detox retreats, Yoga teacher trainings, Massage trainings and more. Alternatively join us for Yoga classes and workshops at the drop-in center if you are staying in the area.
You may also wish to enquire about our Luxury accommodation.

This Retreat Place is situated right in the middle of the stunning lush green nature, mountains and close to the small river which we are inviting you Peace Quite filled with the abundance of Nature and yet is very close (less than 10 minutes) to one of the most favorite destinations in Palampur – Himachal Pradesh!

This place is surrounded by beautiful nature and a great view of Lush green Forests and trees and always there is the soothing sound of the river and surrounds the view all around! All this is sure to take your breath away every single time!

We would request that you come a day earlier than the retreat start date. This will help you settle down and use it to maximize your benefits from the retreat.

Our Clients Say

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-13 at 11.38.28.jpeg

I had participated in detox retreat.

As a prep towards the retreat, I was sent a questionnaire wherein I was requested to document the intent of my visit and what was it that I wanted to achieve as an outcome of my participation. This gave me a comfort that definitely I would receive a certain element of personal attention while I was there and honestly it was much more than that.

Each day was dedicated to a different element and the retreat felt a bit like a path you do together with other like minded people. The agenda and scheduled activities were truly impressive and aimed to bring in a balanced life style aiming at physical and mental well-being. Ananta ensured that I felt comfortable and engaged throughout the sessions. From yoga and meditation to mindful exercises, there was always something interesting to participate in. They served us Sattvik meals and fruits. Each dish was meticulously prepared with fresh and organic ingredients.

I have come back feeling enriched and inspired with a deeper understanding of how important mental and physical well-being is. To sum up - "Great Retreat, I highly recommend it!"

Ready for Sign Up

Detox Mind-Body: Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Dates:5-10 & 20-25 Every month 2024!

Group Retreat

Residential Course Fee (USD INR): Per Person

Guesthouse Single private washroom
$ 905 (USD) | ₹ 74,999 INR 
Guesthouse Double private washroom
$ 815 x 2 = 1630 (USD) | ₹ 67,999 x 2 = 135,998 INR

(People Travelling together or Couples only)​

Private Retreat

Residential Course Fee (USD INR): Per Person

Guesthouse Single private washroom
$ 1500 (USD) | ₹ 124,999INR 
Guesthouse Double private washroom
$ 1300 x 2 = 2600 (USD) | ₹ 70,498 x 2 = 214,998 INR
(People Travelling together​ or couples only)

Note - Limited Seats Please book in advance.
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Experience empowerment and rejuvenation with our program.
Cleanse, energize, and reclaim control of your mind, body, emotions, and energy to live a life brimming with happiness and profound awareness.

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