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Welcome to Yoga is the art of dissolving yourself into the whole, losing your boundaries, losing your ego, your identity.

For a Balanced Life.

Yoga facilitates the union of body, mind & spirit building physical strength, toning, and relaxing to release blocks to create inner harmony & balance.

In the beginning, it seems to be very difficult because that’s all we know about ourselves. Our approach to yoga is holistic combining therapeutic asanas with pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation. 


One to one classes or group classes is available. 
Each session lasts up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Yoga by the Pool

What We Do

The answer lies in the Integrated Approach of Yoga therapy that provides techniques for correcting the problem at both the gross (physical) and subtle levels. Yoga practices help in bringing about balance at the level of all the five Kosas so that complete health can be restored. 

The practices at Annamaya Kosa include yogasanas, Sithilikarana vyayama (loosening practices), yoga diet and yoga kriyas, at Pranayama Kosa - breathing practices, breathing kriyas and Pranayama.

At the Manomaya Kosa, the practices are meditation, devotional or bhajan Satsang sessions and counselling correct the notions about one's life ambitions and
goals that form the basic conceptual root for the lifestyle of the individual. Karma yoga (contribution), sharing, and connecting to nature are the practices that help one to get established in Ananadamaya Kosa bringing bliss in our lives.

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