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Synergetic Transformation of Mind & Body

ReDiscover ThySelf


Meditation is the key to Deep Relaxation, happiness, health & infinite Joy!

Welcome to ReDiscover ThySelf
Our Specialty in healing the mind-body

ReDiscover ThySelf is about Yoga, Meditation, Retreats, training and healing therapies for the body, mind & soul.

We operate on the belief that each of us is 'INFINITE'.

We work with Purpose and Passion to ensure that each individual truly realises that they are Infinite, ensuring they lead a life of deep meaning & well-being.

We are a unique & powerful team of experts who aids human beings to experience a life of abundance, contribution, and deep meaningfulness.

We practice synchronized healing of the mind & body by perpetually increasing Self Awareness and using deep cleansing techniques.

We facilitate cultivating awareness within you to help you evolve, offering conscious support to rediscover your true self with such an amazingly positive outlook on life.

We invite you to “Take Charge” of the here & now. 

Look forward to partner with you to support the achievement of your Goals & Aspirations!

Our Support

We want you to embrace that clarity you so rightly own with fulfilment, happiness and meaning to life!!! isn't that what everyone wants?

Because someway down the line we get caught up in this hectic life but the great news is we are here to fully support you and help you find yourself and the things that really speak from the heart with true clarity.

Enhancing Human Well-being, Healing & Self Awareness. We exist to Spread Well-Being & Awareness!


We are a very unique and powerful team of expert leaders who will lead human beings to experience a life of abundance, contribution and deep meaningfulness to life.

Trees and Mountains

The law of Cause & Effect 

Learn & Understand

Our Retreats

SELF Love (wellness retreat)  break all Conditions!

Yoga & Meditation

Marriage, Attachment, 

Love & Relationship 

Chakra Awareness: 

Healing & Balancing

Workshop – 4 days!

Self-love is the most vital emotion needed by Human beings in order to live and Grow with Harmony, it clears all the blockages which inhibit our Growth and Success. We are made with Love such that we operate out of love in all our dealings and See everyone with love without any Bias. 


3-Day program for
Is happiness really a choice?

Have you ever thought about it? Whenever we find happier situations we become happy and whenever the situations are not going as expected it makes us unhappy.
Isn’t it so? Where is the choice then?

You Deserve to be Happy!

Not just sometimes.. but all the time! 

A powerful 3-Day workshop for anyone who wants to experience creating and sustaining Blissful Relationships. The seemingly difficult task made simple and meaningful with Awareness…

Who is suffering from their relationship, attachment, marriage and love?

This is a very unique and powerful 5-day Cleansing, Energizing, Stabilizing and Transformation Retreat. It is specifically designed around the body and mind to Awareness of the Chakras.







Deep & Transforming Experience to Reclaim your true nature!

Self Love Intensive Retreat

The "Path of Infinite "!

De-Addiction Retreat

The "Limitless You"!

Re-Discover Yourself Transform your body, mind & soul.

This will be done through an intense process of deep cleansing on the inside (energetic, mental, and emotional bodies) and outside (physical body) which in turn, awakens the body’s own healing ability leading to an experience of Ananda (Bliss), the original state of being.

21 days of Self Discovery & Life Leadership Program of SElf-Love, Let's be "Aware" of our infinite strength and LEAD .. Not just live our lives.
Self-awareness is not just knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

Being Self-Aware is a perpetual process of self-discovery and self-realisation.

Drugs! They certainly fulfil something of immense value or even a vacuum. Drugs are capable to take you to a hallucinatory world of vast experiences than the mundane world.

This 21-days Retreat eases the grip addiction has on you which leads you to live your life recognising your true potential.

Let's be "Aware" of our infinite strength and LEAD! Not just live!

This retreat is mainly for those who are already seekers/learners and who are willing to go deeper in understanding the self completely.

Through this program, getting in touch with your True Self, you'll learn to resolve or change challenges and problems permanently.


With total understanding and subtle awareness, you will become the Master of your life with a Deep love for Self, fully accepting the self and others.

Detox Mind-Body:

Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Yoga, Meditation, Breath & Bodywork Retreat (YMBB)


Our unique retreat!

Seven Chakra Journey

A Six-day detox can help to relieve all of these symptoms and leave you full of energy and balance in your life. 

For ReDiscover ThySelf, Detox Mind-Body: Yoga & Meditation Retreat, means eating the foods that support our bodies to cleanse and to help us move towards our ideal weight/health. 

YMBB is based on the Yogic Pancha Kosa system or the five layers of consciousness, we promise to bring you back to your natural Health, Vitality, Balance, and Happiness. There is always light even in the darkest of Times! 
8 Days YMBB = to Reconnect & Recharge! 

P A U S E | Powerful 8-day Healing & Transformation Retreat is specifically designed around the body and mind. Our Purpose is to help you BREAK FREE from Old Patterns, Blocks and anything else that is Holding you back! 'PAUSE' can support You in RE-DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE and Make it a True Reflection of your INFINITE NATURE!

These 8days are a very unique and powerful Journey. It is specifically designed around the body-mind Awareness about the Chakras system. 

As there are seven bodies, there are also seven chakras, energy centres, and each chakra is connected in a special way with its corresponding body.

How Being Mindful Changes Our Lives

Relationship, Attachment & Marriage.

Who wants to experience creating and sustaining Blissful

The Power of Choice

Learn & Understand 
how to stay in your Choice all the time. 

Aware Parenting Workshop

A Powerful & unique way to see life and connections.

Love, Companionship & Friendship!

Understand and live your life with these Higher Emotions

Fear of Past Or Future

Finally, Eliminate
Self-Doubt, Fears & Tensions from the core..

Habits & Addiction

Knowing & understanding the root cause of Addiction and being Free from that Permenately.

Growth Success & Money 

Lead a Self Aware Life with a perpetually growing Well-being, Abundance & a deep sense of Meaningfulness

Happy Participants

*All what you need is to understand yourself!*

At a certain point, I started to question myself what’s the purpose of my life, what is happiness, does it exist, why we depend on others to feel happy or loved, why we always seek validation from others, why there’s a pain in all aspects of our life.
I couldn’t find the answers, although I tried many things, like therapy, self-empowerment, doing activities, changing my lifestyle, trying to face my fears, etc. when this didn’t work, I felt the need to go deeper and start understanding myself and this is where I found this retreat.

No matter how much you think you understand yourself, after this retreat you start to find the answers you were looking for, you’ll start to understand your feelings and your emotions, you’ll start to know why you’re feeling this way, how to take charge of your feelings, also you’ll understand the meaning of a lot of things deeply. Let me be clear here, 4 days retreat won’t heal you completely. If you really want to heal, go for 21 days of retreat.

Shyuno (Ananta) has all the credit for this, he’s a super humble, loving, and caring mentor.
He tried his best to share with me all the learnings he gained in the last 23 years. I feel gratitude for meeting him.
I was amazed by the things he shared with me, the deep and right questions he was asking, by trying to support me in all aspects he could. Definitely the world needs more people like him.

video Testimonials

Meet Our Experienced Teachers

We are a very unique and powerful team of expert leaders who will lead human beings to experience a life of abundance, contribution and deep meaningfulness to life.


Dhyan Samya

 Tantra, Yoga & Meditation Master

Dhyan Samya is a holistic healer. Her search for an evolved way of living started at a very young age where she felt the life around her was not satisfying to and started questioned the unconscious patters of the society. 
The path opened up to her in her age 16, where she was introduced to Yoga and started experimenting with yogic way of living and started reading philosophy of various cultures. At her age, 21, she found her master, Osho and left home in search of knowing self and life deeper. From then onwards, she has been living a nomadic life.


KriShiv AnantaGuru

Master (Guru)

KriShiv AnantaGuru” is a ‘Teacher’ of Life Awareness. He has a hard hitting and logical way of helping people see their Infinite True Selves! Having transformed many minds to believe in themselves to live a fulfilling life.
He has played the role of supporting people to live a meaningful life of deep well-being, through his various roles as Mentor, Learning & Transformation Master, Entrepreneurial Mentor, Life Mentor and awareness and self realization Creator.. Through his various organisations that catalyze and enable human minds.


Ananta (Saurabh)

Yoga, Meditation & Life Coach

Ananta is a founder of ReDiscover ThySelf and he took his path of yoga 21 years ago and used it to heal himself from recurrent health issues.
Subsequently, he deepened his yoga practice and learned many different healing arts, including meditative inquiry, and now is a spiritual seeker dedicated to the journey to self.
His childlike innocence that creates a safe space to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. His retreats and treatments will transport you into a deep state of silence, self-love, and awakening.


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