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Aarogyaashram (आरोग्यआश्रम) is a holistic approach for the benefits health (body, mind & emotions) where you feel like a home and an integrated approach of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Psychotherapy (With our trained Coach), Diet, and nutrition is applied for treating Non-Communicable Disease and promotion of Positive Health.

 How to Book your Space at Aarogyaashram Retreats :


1) Choose accommodation according to your budget & comfort.

2) Call +91 889-410-0666 or Email - to check the availability of the chosen accommodation. In case of non-availability please choose different accommodation or postpone your visit.

3) The minimum admission is one week. To reserve an accommodation deposit of Rs.5000 is necessary. The rest you can deposit upon your arrival, which is calculated based on your choice of accommodation. Payment covers accommodation, consultation, food, yoga therapy & kit. No REFUND.

4) Send payment receipt on for confirmation. 

Note: Other therapies like Ayurvedic yoga massage, Hara massage, Tibetan healing, Naturopathy, etc are recommended by Therapist after diagnosis & charged separately. Below are the charges mentioned for such therapies.

5) Registration starts on Friday from 9:30 AM at ReDiscover ThySelf  Aarogyaashram Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

6) A caretaker is allowed strictly only for wheelchair patients or as advised by our doctors.

Items to Carry

● Normal Loose clothes according to season. ● Towel. ● Toiletry Items.

● Adhar Card Xerox copy & original. ● 1 Photo - Passport Size. ● Medicine & Medical reports. ● One pair of clothes to wear after oil treatment (in case the Doctor prescribes).

● Hot water flask. ● Lock & key.

Ailments Treated in Aarogyaashram


Section 1

  • Neurology: Epilepsy, Migraine, Parkinson's, Muscular dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple sclerosis, Mental retardation

  • Oncology: Breast cancer stage 1, 2, 3, 4; Colon, Prostate, Blood, Myelomas

Section 2

  • Pulmonology: Bronchial Asthma, Nasal Allergy, Chronic Bronchitis, COPD

  • Cardiology: High BP, Low BP, Heart Disease (CAD)s

Section 3

  • Psychiatry: Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, OCD, mental retardation

Section 4

  • Rheumatology: Arthritis, Knee Pain

Section 5

  • Spinal disorders: Acute and Chronic Back Pain, Lumbar Spondylosis, Disc Bulge, Disc Prolapse, Scoliosis, Neck Pain

Section 6

  • Metabolic disorders: Diabetes, Hypothyroidism

Section 7

  • Gastroenterology: Gastritis, Peptic Ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Ulcerative Colitis

Section 8

  • Endocrinology: Obesity, Thyrotoxicosis

Promotion of Positive Health

  • Eye Problems: Short Sight, Long Sight, Astigmatism, Squint, Early Cataract, Glaucoma


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