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ReDiscover ThySelf

ReDiscover ThySelf Health related Programs are scientifically based healing & Self Awareness. We exist to Spread Well-Being & Awareness!

Our combination is bringing the wisdom of ancient Indian practices, including yoga, traditional systems of medicine (like Ayurveda & healing therapies),  Learning and Understanding sessions with Master Ananta, and, dietary & lifestyle recommendations.

Locations: Goa & Himachal Pradesh - India!

About US

It’s a place where we work upon every single individual. Our purpose is to create a loving & understanding community and transform an individual to stay happy and life more meaningful and Abundant. We offer Yoga, Meditation, retreats, training and healing the body, mind & soul to Igniting every Individual Intelligence to Discover the new possibilities in life and Experience a stress-free mind.


Our focus is to create such a simple and easy way to simplify our method to ensure that each individual deeply realises that they are Pure & Infinite, ensuring that they can lead their life with deep meaning, well being and work with Purpose and Passion.

Beginner's self-discovery program

3 Day Yoga, Breath Work, and Meditation Retreat

"Revitalize your spirit in just 3 days: Yoga, Breath, Meditation - Renew, Recharge, Reconnect."

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4 Day Self-Love 
Wellness Retreat

Our Self-love program offering tools to take charge of your mind, body, emotions and energies, & live a life with total happiness & awareness

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5 Day Chakra Awareness: Healing & Balancing - Yoga, Meditation Retreat

Cleansing, Energizing, Stabilizing and Transformation Retreat. It is specifically designed around the body and mind to Awareness about the Chakras. 

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6 Day Detox: Mind-Body
Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Experience empowerment and rejuvenation with our program.
Cleanse, energize, and reclaim control of your mind, body, emotions, and energy to live a life brimming with happiness and profound awareness

Unique and intermediateself-discovery programs

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8 Day Seven Chakra Journey

These 8days a very unique and powerful Journey. It is specifically designed around the body-mind Awareness about the Chakras system

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8 Day YMBB

YMBB is based on yogic panchakosa system or the five layers of consciousness, we promise to bring you back to your natural Health, Vitality, Balance, and Happiness.

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8 Day Pause 

learn to understand how to pause in your life without disconnecting from anyone or any situation but learn and understand the very core of that cause.

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10 Day Yogic Transformation

Our purpose is to help you BREAK FREE from Old Patterns, Blocks, and anything else that is holding you back!

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14 Day Deep & Transforming Experience to Reclaim your true nature!

This will be done through an intense process of deep cleansing on the inside (energetic, mental, and emotional bodies) and outside (physical body) which in turn, awakens the body’s own healing ability leading to an experience of Ananda (Bliss), the original state of being.

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21 Day De-Addiction Retreat

21 days of Free from the addiction & Leading your life with full potential, Let's be "Aware" of our infinite strength and LEAD .. Not just live our lives.

Self-Discovery Intensive Programs

wellness Retreat (9).png

21 Day Self-love Intensive 

21 days of Self Discovery & Life Leadership Program, Let's be "Aware" of our infinite strength and LEAD .. Not just live our lives.

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30 Day
Re-Discover Yourself

Re-Discover Yourself Transform your body, mind & soul a 30-day Residential course.

This program will allow you to experience the transformation of your body and mind. You will journey through various levels of self-inquiry, establishing a deep connection with your Soul.

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30 Day Private Retreat

If you have made up your mind to create that most desired shift in your life NOW, then this 30 Day program will be exactly for you. The intensity and focus at which ReDiscover ThySelf Teamwork rapidly brings many positive changes in one’s life in a considerably shorter span of time. As much as one’s commitment to take charge of life, that many benefits one can reap. If you have the will, we know the way..!


90 Day Awakening your inner master:
Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Intensive Program!

the ultimate destination to explore the infinite space of awareness within you.





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