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28 days 200 hour Master of Awareness Level 1: Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

In Sanskrit texts, Rāja yoga (/ˈrɑːdʒə ˈjoʊɡə/) was both the goal of yoga and a method of attaining it. The term also became a modern name for the practice of yoga, when in the 19th-century Swami Vivekananda gave his interpretation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in his book Raja Yoga. 
Since then, Rāja yoga has variously been called aṣṭāṅga yoga, royal yoga, royal union, Sahaja marg, and classical yoga.


There are four ways to approach the truth, to be connected with truth.

The first is known in the East as Karma Yoga – the way of action. Man has three dimensions in him: action, knowing, feeling. So three ways use these three directions: action, knowing to feel. You can act, and you can act with total absorption, and you can offer your act to existence. You can act without becoming a doer. That is the first way – Karma Yoga: being in action without being a doer. You let existence do. You let existence be in you. You efface yourself.


In this, the path of action, consciousness changes the content. These two things have to be understood: consciousness and content. This is all that your life consists of. There is something which is the knower in you and something which is the known. For example, you are listening to me. Now two things are there: whatsoever I am saying will be the content, and whatsoever you are inside, listening, watching, that is the consciousness. You are looking at me. Then my figure in your eyes is the content and you, who are looking at that figure in the eye, are consciousness – the object and the subject.


On the path of action, consciousness changes the content That is what action is. You see a rock. Somebody may stumble upon it...because it is getting dark, the night is falling. so you revealed the rock from the path. This is action. What have you done? Consciousness has changed the content.


On the path of action, content is important and has to be changed. If somebody is ill and you go and serve him and you give him medicine, you are changing the content. If somebody has fallen in the river and is drowning, you jump in and you save him from drowning. You have changed the content.


Action is content-directed. Action is a will; something has to be done. Of course, if the will remains ego-oriented, then you will not be religious. You will be a great doer, but not religious. And your path will be of action but not towards existence. When you allow existence to become your will, when you say, “Let thy will be mine,” when you surrender your will at the feet of existence and its will starts flowing through you, then it is the path of action, Karma Yoga.

What is this fourth way? If it is neither of action, nor of knowing, nor of feeling – because these are the three faculties – then what is this fourth way? The fourth way is the way of transcendence. In India, this is called Raja Yoga – the royal path, the fourth way. Neither consciousness changes the content, nor the content changes consciousness. Nothing changes nothing. All is as it is with no change. Content is there, consciousness is here, and no change is happening. No effort to change is there.


This is what I mean by being. With all the three paths something remains in the mind that has to be done. With the fourth, all becoming disappears. You simply accept whatsoever is. In that acceptance is transcendence. In that very acceptance, you go beyond. You remain just a witness. You are no longer doing anything here, you are just-being here.


A goal is not possible with the fourth way. There is no goal. With the first, the goal is freedom; with the second, truth; with the third, love. With the fourth, there is no goal. 
We are not going anywhere. We are not striving for anything. All that is needed is already here. It has been here all along. You have just to be silent and see. There is no need to change anything. With the fourth, the myth of change disappears.


And when there is no need to change, joy explodes...because the energy that gets involved in changing things is no longer involved anywhere; it is released.

That released energy is what is called joy.

In the fourth body – and so many systems begin with the fourth. Raja yoga, etcetera, they all begin from the fourth body. Only hatha yoga begins from the first. Other yogas…they begin from somewhere else. As Theosophy begins from the second, hatha yoga begins from the first. There are systems which begin from the third. Raja yoga begins from the fourth body. This can be chosen and as civilization goes on progressing from the fourth body, so many persons can begin.

If they have worked in their past lives on the first, second, and third, only then, provided they have worked through these first three bodies, only then can the fourth be applicable. So persons who study raja yoga from scriptures or from swamis or from gurus without knowing whether they have worked through their three bodies or not, are bound to be disillusioned somewhere here or somewhere there – because they cannot begin from the fourth. The first three bodies must be crossed, only then the fourth!

And the fourth is the last one where you can begin. One cannot begin from the fifth body; the fourth is the last. So there are four yogas: hatha yoga, the first; raja yoga, the fourth; mantra yoga, the second; and bhakti yoga, the third. These are divisions with the bodies. So in ancient days everybody would begin with the first, but now there are many types of persons. Someone has worked up to the second, someone up to the third; there can be differences. But as far as dreaming is concerned, one must begin from the first. Only then can you know the whole range of it, the whole spectrum of it.

In the fourth body, your consciousness must become like fire – going upward – and this must be checked. For example, in the fourth if the mind goes toward sexuality it is just like water going downward; the center of sex is downward. If it goes into any relationship, the center of relationship – the heart – is downward. Now one must begin looking upward with the eyes, not downward with the eyes.

MOA - Master of Awareness Level 1 Course: Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training
Cleansing, Learning, applying become a Certified Aware yoga & meditation teacher

1-28 Apr/May/Jun/July (2022)
Facilitated by Ananta
Himalayas, India


MOA, Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Course is the monthly course conducted by ReDiscover ThySelf, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. It’s environmental potential at ReDiscover ThySelf influences that help individuals to shape their personality. The primary objective of the course is to transform the knowledge to be able to teach yoga with confidence in a holistic manner.

The course is a combination of two theory and Practical Subjects like Breathing techniques, Asana, Sat Kriyas, Pranayama, Meditation technique. Yogic Games which improves Concentration, Memory, Dexterity, Stamina, Awareness and Happy Assembly program which makes one to being tune with true nature, happiness and Bliss. On the completion of this course, the students will be able to teach yoga to the general public even having health-related complaints. The holistic way to prevent diseases, promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society.

ReDiscover ThySelf offer to Transform your body, mind & soul a 28-day Residential course.

This program will allow you to experience the transformation of your body and mind. You will journey through various levels of self-enquiry, establishing a deep connection with your Soul.

Personalised modules of Yoga, Meditation and energy work sessions will help you in thorough cleansing of your body and mind, triggering the self-healing capacity in you. 

This allows you to be always in the natural, blissful state of your being.

These 28 days of transformative Teacher Training create the perfect environment to break through and free yourself from past conditioning of your personality and limitations that are blocking you from showing up fully for your true self, living your dreams, and the deepest calling of your heart.

Through exquisite alchemy of tools from the worlds of Osho, Buddha, Tantra, Shamanic path, self-inquiry methods and some more modern and approachable embodiment practices, Ananta provides a safe, magical and loving space for authenticity, inner silence and embodied ecstasy.

At a beautiful Heritage village in the heart of the Dhauladhara range of the Himalayas, we open the doors to your inner being, and you are invited to dive deep into bliss and love. Regardless of previous experience, age and relationship status, this is Teacher Training for YOU!


– Cleanse, energize and balance your body and mind system.
– Discover your healthy energy flow.
– Reclaim your true, divine nature.
– Ask questions about life.
– Ground your roots.
– Connect to the Universal Spirit.
– Move into a joyful vital flow.
– Build trusting and nourishing relationships.
– Bring consciousness to your conditions and patterns.
– Express your emotional state.
– Create and manifest your reality.


The MOA teacher training program of activities that run for this, starting at 6.00 am and finishing between 8.30 pm or 9 pm (depending upon the activity). It is compulsory to attend all the activities.

The activities on each day of the week vary, depending on the day, however, there is something in each slot for you to choose to participate in. There is one class of yoga/meditation each day – either it can be in the morning or in before lunch. The start time varies. You will be given an entire course structure of activities when you arrive at the Center.

06:00 Morning Meditation
07:30 Yoga or Kriya yoga ( Deep Cleansing the body ) 
09:00 Breakfast time
10:30 60 minutes : Meditation / Activity
11:15 Intensive learning to be more about yoga & meditation
12:00 60 minutes: Pranayama
13:00 Vegetarian lunch buffet
14:00 Free time
16:00 Meditation / Activity
17:00 Tea break
18:00 Intensive learning to be more self-aware / Yoga Nidra
19:00 Vegetarian dinner buffet
20:00 Ask question & answer / open house
21:30 Rest time



Fees for MOA (April 2021 Batch onwards)
Your investment: An Open Mind + your experience fee. 

Our vision: The Aware YOU.

Experience Fee:

Residential Workshop – 28 days (1st - 28th 2021)

Course Fee (Euros/ INR):

Non - Residential Course Fee (Euros / INR): € 1,325 / INR 1,13,999 

Residential Course Fee (Euros/ INR):

Single sharing Superior Deluxe room – € 2066 / INR 68,600+1,13,999

Double sharing Superior Deluxe room - € 1770 / INR 43,000+1,13,999

200 Hour Master of Awareness Level 1 Course Syllabus


 •  14 sessions of Therapeutic yoga or Kriya yoga for Deep Cleansing the body (Includes yoga therapy for Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, Diabetes, Obesity, Anxiety, Stress, Heart disease, hypertension, depression and many more Psychosomatic disease).

• 10 Sessions of Intensive LEARNING to be more SELF AWARE.

• 14 MEDITATION sessions. 
* Re-energized Chakra breathing meditation
* Nadabrama meditation
* Kundalini meditation
* Self-inquiry meditation
* Dance or Natraj meditation
* Old Tibetan Lions Roar
* Atisha Heart Meditation,
* Chakra Sound Meditation
* Laughter Meditation, 
* Gibberish Meditation, 
* Nadanusadan Mantra Sound Meditation (AAA - UUU - MMM - AUM)
• 5 Session of OIAC (One-On-One Intensive Aware Counselling Session to give direction to your purpose).

• 1 session of learning and use EBRR (emotional body release and refresh).

•    10 sessions of Breath Work techniques : 
* Bhastrika, 
* Kapalbhathi, 
* Pranayama, 
* Re-energised Breathing, 
* Cooling Pranayama, 
* Conscious Aware of Breathing ( Shamanic Breathing )

• Personal Time for Nature Walks and explorations and Sitting near the river, and nature blessed forests

NB: Module design/ personalisation for each individual for the program is done by the respective personal guides assigned.

+ 29 nights of Accommodation & Food (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)
+ Visiting the temple, hiking, waterfall, bodywork, & Cleansing therapies.



- Visa, insurance & transportation
- Flight Ticket and Airport taxi



✨ Breaking the Old Patterns, Conditioned Beliefs, Habits, Addictions & Attachments.
✨The shift from ‘Knowing Something’ to ‘Understanding Everything’
✨Being natural, simple & loving, here, now, today.
✨ Connecting spiritual awakening with the body & mind
✨ Meditation - Awareness - Presence - Stillness - Emptiness - Oneness
✨ Allowing vulnerability, emotions & feelings to understand and get clarity while being the witness.
✨ Let go of mind, roles, ideas and meet in formlessness.
✨ Less of activation, pushing and looking for excitement > More of: observing the nature of what wants to arise spontaneously.
✨ Relax the nervous system and the inner chatter of the mind
✨ Living in the balance: relating in form while being rooted in the formless
✨ Perceive and interact with the outside world and other human beings in a different way than the usual mentalized/conceptualized patterns
✨ Sensing through your own presence other human’s presence
✨ Share this deep space, together – transform, Be.


💫 Experience Powerful yet Simple Aware Meditation Practices to reduce Stress in the body and mind
💫 Lose Excess Weight, naturally & permanently
💫 Master the Effortless Ways to Create & experience the complete Wellbeing
💫 Buddhist & TANTRIC - Practices, Meditations & Rituals
💫 Breathe Fire into your Energy System with Ancient Tibetan Breathing Techniques the Lions Roar
💫 Experience The Power of Laughter with Powerful Meditation Techniques 
Understand & Eliminate Anxiety from Life
💫 LIFEFORCE & Divine Energy - Activate, Ground, Circulate, Expand & Sync with yourself and with a partner.
💫 SELF-INQUIRY - Deepening the Space of Being
💫 THE MYSTERY - Know Your REAL POTENTIAL A musical Shamanic breathing Journey guided into the unknown: “From FORM to FORMLESS”
💫 HEART & ATISHA MEDITATION - Expand your Heart to the Limitless Sky and Heal through Love
💫 TOUCH WITH EMPTINESS - Soul Connection through the Art of Sacred Touch
💫 COMMUNICATION / SENSING - Learning to Sense, Feel and Communicate consciously, also without words, through listening and recognition of inner space.
💫 BELLY or Hara Healing - Embodied Connection & Breathwork
💫 COMMUNITY - Immersing yourself in a conscious potent field as key for healing and transformation.
💫 CONNECTING to Nature and our true infinite self
💫 INTEGRATION - How to bring this quality of being into day-to-day life.
Hiking, Temples visits & Waterfall

Beautiful Garden & born fire 


This Teacher Training is for beginners and experienced spiritual seekers alike. We welcome both men and women, individuals, singles and couples with any level of experience who are committed to their awakening.
1st @ 4PM -  28th, 1:00PM.
Total 28 days.

ReDiscover ThySelf offering Teacher Training in the Himalayas (HP). This Teacher Training Place is situated right in the middle of the stunning lush green nature, mountains and close to the small river which we are inviting you Peace Quite filled with the abundance of Nature and yet is very close (less than 10 minutes) to one of the most favourite destinations in Palampur – Himachal Pradesh!

All this is sure to take your breath away every single time & offers the perfect environment for this deep and transformational journey.

Pre-registration is required as we will receive only 10 participants.

1. Email with your full name, contact details and gender.
2. Full payment is required to secure your space - send via PayPal/Visa & Master Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Bank Transfer / Google pay/Payment Wallets like Paytm, Tez, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc are accepted) (payment required in INR, sent via Friends & Family to avoid fees - send a screenshot or receipt by email to or WhatsApp (+918894100666) to confirm.


Every month of 20, 50% of the paid ticket price is refundable. After 20, no ticket refunds will be issued - unless you find someone to take your spot in the Teacher Training.

For any international flights, we highly recommend landing in Dharamshala at least 1-3 days before and after the training. Allowing your body to the ground in the field pre & post Teacher Training will deeply affect your ability to integrate the material and transmissions.


1st of every month
10:00am - check-in, arrive, relax
1:00pm - Lunch
4:00pm - Registration & opening circle

28th of every month
1:00pm - completion

"ReDiscover ThySelf teacher training offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through our program of activities that include yoga ( loosening, kriyas, breathing techniques, asanas ), meditation, therapeutic massage, healing sessions, rebounding and more, combined with tasty nutritious plant-based food and juices.


ReDiscover ThySelf Teacher Training welcomes and opens its doors for you to experience this unique, beautiful, and abundant place in nature. It is with great joy to share with you this magical land and beautiful Teacher Training space, peaceful yoga, and well-being sanctuary all nestled within lush green nature. All Teacher Training is designed to allow you to unravel, breathe, and focus fully on ReDiscovering ThySelf within this amazing self-discovery journey. The hosts openly invite you to browse the pages to see, feel, or know how they can be of service to you. ReDiscover ThySelf offers bespoke Teacher Training especially tailored to fit you.
Allowing you to experience a true synergy between mind and body!

𝗔𝗡𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗔 (Dhyan Saurabh) has a pure heart with a childlike innocence that creates a safe space to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. His Teacher Training and treatments will transport you into a deep state of silence, self-love, and awakening.
His unique offering is inspired by various teachers and traditions around the world and birthed from his own experience throughout the years.
Ananta is a founder of ReDiscover ThySelf and he took his path of yoga 18 years ago and used it to heal himself from recurrent health issues. Subsequently, he deepened his yoga practice and learned many different healing arts, including meditative inquiry, and now is a spiritual seeker dedicated to the journey to self.


As a leading international facilitator, his guidance combines Osho, traditional Buddhist and Tantra practices, the Shamanic path, self-inquiry methods and some more modern and approachable embodiment practices. He has been offering workshops for years in some of the biggest festivals in the world and holds annual Teacher Training in Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and many more places in India Visited many times as a Guest teacher in Maldives, Bali and Thailand. 

1. EVENTS on ReDiscover ThySelf:


3. Look what others experienced on the TESTIMONIALS page:
5. Still you have questions? Pls Ask us anything at

With Love
Ananta & the Team


Indian participants

  • Application form - Printed Copy

  • 10th / X Marks Card (with original for verification)

  • 12th / 10 +2 / PUC 2 / 2 year Diploma / Equivalent Exam Marks Card (with original for verification)

  • Medical Fitness Certificate – Recent Original Copy

  • Aadhaar Card. (with original for verification)

  • Three Passport (P.P.) Size Photo’s

  • Printed Copy of Fee Receipts.

International participants

  • Application form - Printed Copy

  • 10th / X Marks Card (with original for verification)

  • 12th / 10 +2 / PUC 2 / 2 year Diploma / Equivalent Exam Marks Card (with original for verification)

  • Six PassPhoto’s (P.P.) Size (2 x 2 inch, 35 x 45 mm or  35 x 35mm) for International Students

  • Photocopies of Passport & Visa (with original for verification)

  • Printed Copy of Fee Receipts

Articles provided by ReDiscover ThySelf - Yoga Kit includes

  • MOA 2 Books (Theory & Practical Books)

  • ReDiscover ThySelf Mantra Book

  • Neti Pot – 1 No

  • Yoga Mat – 1 No

  • Side Bag – 1 No

  • One set of YIC Yoga Uniform ( T-Shirt and Track Pant)

Articles to be brought

  • Bedsheet, Pillow Cover and Blanket

  • NoteBook, Fullscape Rules Papers and Pen

  • Water Bottle, Torch, Umbrella (in Monsoon Season), Sweater

Dress code and discipline

  • During Practice Session, participants have to wear MOA UNIFORM (T-Shirt and Track Pant)

  • Apart from Practical Sessions, a general decent dress code can be used

  • All Programs are compulsory including Vedic Prayer (Ancient Indian Yogic chanting) in Sanskrit and in Hindi in the Morning

  • The library facility is available for reference only


Participants have to have 100% attendance in the morning asana class, Maithri Milan and Bhajan sessions. And 90 % in other classes of MOA. The student shall be informed about their attendance status periodically so that the students shall be cautioned to make up for the shortage.


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