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Right livelihood:-

Buddha says: Life should be simple, not complex. Life should be based on needs, not on desires. Needs are perfectly okay: you need food, you need clothes,

you need a shelter, you need love, you need relationship. Perfectly good, nothing wrong in it. Needs can be fulfilled; desires are basically unfulfillable.

Desires create complexity. They create complexity because they can never be fulfilled. You go on and on working hard for them, and they remain unfulfilled, and you remain empty.

The first thing about livelihood is:

it should be based on needs, not on desires. Then a very small quantity of things is enough.

Secondly: it should not be violent. You should not do something just because you can get some money out of it. You can kill somebody and get some money,

you can be a butcher and you can make your livelihood, but that is inhuman.and very unconscious.

Better ways are possible. One should be creative in one's livelihood, one should not be destructive.

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