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 Yoga for Hypertension & Heart Disease

The Biggest killer

fifty years ago, high blood pressure and heart disease were relatively uncommon conditions.

Today, High blood pressure or hypertension and coronary heart disease have become more than just a chronic complaint. It has become a way of life dependent on regular medication and visits to doctors for routine check ups. These cardiac problems, which are the diseases of the affluent society, are posing great challenges to the medical world.


what caused such an increase in this disease?

Modern living with its stresses and strains, mounting tension and pressure in everyday life, changes in the structure of the society and family leaving little cushion for an individual's problems and failures, changing dietary habits with city-folks often opting for time-saving high-calorie, high-fat, junk food, technological advancements such as easy modes of transporting machines, which leave little room for physical exercises, and machines, and increase in smoking and alcohol intake, all contribute to the problem.

Yet actually, not all the rise in the incidence of coronary heart disease is real. Atherosclerosis, or narrowing of arteries by fat deposits, is also part of the normal aging process. With the increase in average life expectancy, more people live to a ripe old age. This as caused a natural rise in the absolute number of patients. Also, more people, who would have been seen as having died of an unknown cause, are being diagnosed to have the disease, with greater awareness and better facilities of diagnosis, several workers all over the world recognise that the "Modern Life Style"  is closely linked with high blood pressure and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Today, at all ages and in all countries, diseases of the cardiovascular system is the major cause of death and disability.

Coronary heart disease that leads to heart attacks is the most important single cause of death in developed countries, Congenital heart disease, Rheumatic heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, Cardiac pump failure secondary to back pressure from permanent damage to lungs due to smoking in the elderly are the other causes of cardiovascular disease.

There is a growing awareness about the need to look at alternative methods of management. It appears that the time is now ripe for mankind to look within for self -corrections to prevent and or cure these ailments.

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