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Dr. Olga (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) 


reviewed Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 star

It was a mystical, wonderful journey, filled with unforgettable emotions and incredible discoveries. It wasn't easy, but a real breakthrough, transformation, and overcoming. And only after coming home and continuing studies of Tibetan pulsations, we were able to see how powerfully our teachers helped us and how they supported us. They received and transformed our emotions and feelings. Inspite we didn't have time to transform during those two weeks, we got everything we needed for further practice at home and our teachers still stay in touch with us and almost daily consult us if we have any questions or difficulties. And now, after a month of self-study, I can say quite definitely that transformation has been completed.

Energy has come, now we are restless, the emotional background remains at a good level. There aren't any annoying changes of mood, which we had previously after all other practices and training. It is a miracle! I feel my body, the ground, legs, and back in a different way. And we continue practicing:-) And again want to come back there to dive deeper into the pulsations and incredible atmosphere of a warm and loving family.

Of course, we hope that Saurabh (Ananta) will come to Russia and share his knowledge with people who need it, but can't afford a journey to India.

If you are brave enough and ready to work hard, you won't find a better retreat.

Mélanie Desplat ( Australia) reviewed Rediscover

Thyself – ***** 5 star  "Rejuvenating retreat" 

"I travelled by myself to India and wanted to recharge before starting a group tour, so I booked this 4-day chakra awakening retreat. Ananta was really helpful with communication before I got there. It was easy to get to from Delhi airport and a pure oasis, away from the hustle and bustle. I was there at the same time as the Osho Youth Festival so there was a great atmosphere and everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home."

The retreat facilities were very good, the room was basic but clean and comfortable. The food was all vegetarian and organic, and was always very nice! I was hoping to do a little more yoga but explored more meditation this time (it's what I felt I needed at the time and didn't have enough hours in the day!). I had a mixture of group sessions with the youth festival and someone on one class with Ananta, which I enjoyed the combination. I felt really rejuvenated after the sessions and hope to keep the same outlook moving forward. I would really recommend this place and hope to go back there one day...


Clémence Dumont (Spain) :-reviewed


Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 star "Beautiful experience "

AnantaJeevan is wonderful, he gave all he could to open my eyes and my heart. I leave here feeling lighter, in infinite love. Kundalini meditations and Osho dynamics are a discovery for me, and I appreciated, even though I was not very comfortable. Indeed I had a very basic vision and I was in the reaction, I understood BCP, and now I think differently. With more compassion. I also want to talk about the delicious food prepared by Jugnu, this man is extremely kind. His eyes and heart are so generous. I am overwhelmed by the Zorba staff. I highly recommend a stay in Zorba !! And the courses and care of AnantaJeevan. 🙏 I did not have time to try other workshops.


Nabila Aslma - reviewed


Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 star

I was 70 kgs obese 25 year old when I met Dhyan Saurabh (AnantaJeevan) at his work shop, he had a one to one session with me about my health concerns and habits. After understanding my situation, he started training me on power yoga. I am not exaggerating, in 3-4 months I lost 10 kgs and then gradually reached my target of 52 kgs during the course of the next 3 years. Rising in yoga not only introduced me to power yoga but also to active meditations and catharsis, which helped me deal with depression, stress and temper issues. It was an experience that opened many doors for me and I wish to attend his sessions soon again...

Mari Varho (Lisbon, Portugal)-


reviewed Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 star

"I was in Manali with ReDiscover ThySelf Teachers and healers.
AnantaJeevan in April for a one week retreat. What an experience!
Even before arriving ReDiscover ThySelf kept in contact to make sure everything would go smoothly for my travel there. The retreat place is amazing surrounded by hundreds of apple trees that were all blooming at the time and thousands of butterflies. Simply magical!
I had the best massage ever from AnantaJeevan … he really knows what he's doing. Deborah’s reiki was fantastic and a new experience for me. The early morning silent walk followed by a yoga lesson followed by a wonderful breakfast was just one of the highlights of my stay. So many things we did and after one week you are feeling so relaxed, recharged, and free from a lot of “stuff”. I could write so much more but you should go and discover it yourself! The personal care you receive is impressive and you are in the hands of professional healers! Oh, and the food: homemade from fresh, local vegetables. Simply delicious and something you will definitely miss when you leave (among many other things).
Thank you, Deborah and AnantaJeevan! Will definitely come again. Love you

Pooja A Gor (television actress, Mumbai) 


reviewed Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 star

How do I describe an experience which is truly transformational. It can only be felt. I will still try. A few months back, I was looking for a getaway to a calm and cool place, just to unwind. Maybe like a yoga retreat. So a friend of mine suggested I visit Saurabh & his team and spend a few days with them at their retreat center in Mansari Village in Manali. Since the idea checked all the boxes on my list ( relax, unwind, retreat, getaway) I instantly contacted them and booked for a week-long stay at the 'ReDiscover ThySelf' house. I think it is the best decision I ever made.

My younger brother joined me too. We arrived at night at the center and we were welcomed with a delicious home-cooked 'Satvik' food. We were allotted our rooms which were nice n spacious. The retreat house is beautiful. Next 7 days were the most enriching days for me. We had a set itinerary for every day. Days started early at around 6 am & end at 9 pm. Every morning we would go for a little hiking up in the mountains or the jungle. Then we would do yoga amidst nature, breathing the cleanest air, for about an hour or a little more and off for my favourite part of the day, a sumptuous & delicious breakfast. And it was the spread for the kings. In fact, all the meals of the day including lunch and dinner were yummy satvik meals made from the produce of fresh farms, again. We had rest sessions after that and then would have various different kind of sessions such a chakra healing, dancing yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, chanting.


All the experiences which help u connect a little more to yourself. Every day is a step closer to a more richer mind and soul. U will not regret this experience. I suggest u must experience what Saurabh and his team have to offer. They are the loveliest souls u will ever meet. So sweet and welcoming. And all they do is give. Teachings and blessings. Hope this helps u make a decision. My love to Saurabh (Ananta) and his team. U guys are the best. Will be back soonest.


“It is one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. In addition to the energy of the place, the spectacular food, and our teacher, everything made the days the best. The same is a challenge since there are many tests that you have to put on yourself, but once you do them, being on the other side is the best thing that can happen to you. I can really say with certainty that this place healed me. Thank you."

I can't really find something that I didn't like. There are many positive things within this place, the only thing I could say is the challenge so great that they give you every day. How to get up very early, and give 100% in each class, which is not something I did not like, but I mention it for anyone else who reads the comment :) 


Erin Schafranek (Germany) reviewed


Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 stars

I met Deborah and Saurabh in Goa last season and would love to take part in their retreat in Manali but am unfortunately not in India this summer.


For anyone who is lucky enough to be there, I can highly recommend taking part in their retreat if you're looking to spend time with authentic, heartfelt people.

From my personal experience with them, they were able to provide loving and warm support to help me rise up. Words really can't describe what loving people they are so I guess the best thing is to just see for yourself.

Camila Vega Adaui ( Peru) - reviewed
Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 stars "Healing"

Sabrina (Peru)

"My name is Sabrina and I did this meditation retreat with my twin sister Camila and my best friend. I just want to say it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. I know life put us here for a reason and it helped us to discover so many things about us, about life, and how beautiful it is. Thank you Ananta, you really are pure light and you shared all your good energy to us, we really connected a lot with you and with ourselves. I just want to say I really recommend this retreat because everything comes from the heart, and when something is like that, it’s the most powerful thing."

The food incredible, the place amazing, and beautiful people around us. Thank you for so much, and thank you Ananta, you are amazing and you are in our hearts. Sabrina, Camila, and Camila ♥️ From Perú 🇵🇪


Dr. Prem Nirmal reviewed


Rediscover Thyself – ***** 5 stars

Rising in Yoga ( ReDiscover ThySelf) is a very beautiful place owned by Dear Saurabh and the team!
Surrounded by apple and plum orchard in a very picturesque village near Manali, one feels like being in heaven. It is a place for rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul!

You will get the best organic food harvested locally. The yoga sessions, massages, and many bodyworks, meditations, traveling and trekking to near fountains and rivers and many more things take away all the sufferings caused by routine life!
I recommend this place from my heart!

Ajay Kumar (Chef)

It was great to meet up Saurav in his healing center. I had a yoga session and healing therapy ,which left me lot of experience to look back.

As  healer he is very punctual and his time and presence will make u feel.

I would love  to visit again !!!


Bindu Arya (Teacher)

It's always wonderful experience to have a session under Saurabh ji. He leads the group so intensely that energy levels immediately rise high. Wish to attend more enthralling sessions with u!


Sudhir Kadam

(Wildlife Photographer)

Saurabh and Deborah are pure Love, they are very celebrating souls on this planet, I don't have words for Love I got from them, and always be thankful to God to have such beautiful, Lovable souls in my Life. Love.


Ginger Jerri (Artist & Dancer)

To this day, I swear that the most transformative and memorable massages I've ever experienced came from this man, Dhyan. He truly understood what I needed, somehow unlocking not only my muscles, letting out my stress, but (Im not sure how to even explain) letting me find this pure and simple energy......and turning me into..just me.


Ajith Narayan (Civil Engineer)

Totally an amazing experience. It is just to be out there and can't be expressed in words.

Thanks for this wonderful and amazing journey in rediscovering the self in me.


Jared Nelson (Training Director)

I absolutely loved the retreat guys, I will be back to the Himalayas to see you again! You have given me so many tools to maintain a healthy mind body and soul. I especially loved all the smiling laughing and dancing we did.

Camila Vega Adaui ( Peru) - reviewed
Rediscover Thyself –  ***** 5 stars "Healing"

“It is one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. In addition to the energy of the place, the spectacular food, and our teacher, everything made the days the best. The same is a challenge since there are many tests that you have to put on yourself, but once you do them, being on the other side is the best thing that can happen to you. I can really say with certainty that this place healed me. Thank you."

I can't really find something that I didn't like. There are many positive things within this place, the only thing I could say is the challenge so great that they give you every day. How to get up very early, and give 100% in each class, which is not something I did not like, but I mention it for anyone else who reads the comment :) 


Lisa Naphtali (Melbourne, Australia) General Manager


reviewed Rediscover Thyself - ***** 5 Stars

It's rare to find people in this world whose enormous hearts, compassion and support are equaled only by their intrinsic capabilities and gifts in teaching and healing - but that is the inimitable Deborah and Saurabh.

I am beyond grateful that I ventured to one of the most beautiful places on earth to take part in their retreat. If you're ready to be inspired, challenged, stretched (both physically and metaphorically) I can't imagine any better place, process or people to guide you exists. And the food is phonemenally good thanks to the gorgeous Prakash.

The only limitations anyone could find with a Rising in Yoga retreat are the ones that lie within themselves.

Thank you to two of the most beautiful, loving and hilarious people for all that you have given me, taught me, shown me and helped me to find within myself. I will be coming back and bringing my partner with me!

Until and light xox


Mack Price (Lisbon-Portugal


reviewed Rediscover Thyself – ***** 5 stars

I did a Yoga, Meditation and Breath work retreat at Rising in Yoga in their magical place in the Himalayas in April.

Debs, a mother of the earth, and Saurabh, a music loving warrior, are a skilled, loving and transforming match pushing others to come closer to their body centre and into their authentic, energetic selves in a peaceful but goal oriented way.


The picturesque Manali valley, which was full of blossoming apple orchards, definitely adds to an unforgettable empowering personal journey.


I met Dhyan Saurabh through a friend and the idea was to lose weight. Before we started our sessions, Dhyan Saurabh had a long session with me and inquired about my health issues, and reason to join his sessions.. And in the 3-3.5 years that I was under him, I not only lost weight, my body became more flexible, and the mediation sessions made me calmer and more receptive towards nature. I fell in love with Yoga (power yoga sessions were amazing) and mediation, all thanks to Dhyan Saurabh.. I wish I could attend his sessions every single day for my whole life..


Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (london)

These are the most magical beings. Highly Recommend.


Yanina Tsukini (Consultant) Amsterdam

thank you for my best experience ever.

good luck


Bimal Dugar (Jaipur) reviewed


Rediscover Thyself - ***** 5 Stars

I feel blessed to be at this place for

7 days September retreat.I, fulfilled.

Loving is in nature of Deborah and

She is heartily therapist, perfect &

Disciplined host. Saurabh is calm,

Sincere facilitator & friendly caring.

As a group we enjoyed both of you.

I suggest have a good time there

To give a treat to yourself �


Jeremy Sol (France) reviewed


Rediscover Thyself - ***** 5 Stars

Words can't express enough my gratitude to have crossed path with Saurabh and Deborah, they are both angels walking on earth spreading the Love!

Each Summer,they are opening their beautiful home with stunning views in order to support, help others to Rise Up!!! it's like being in Switzerland with the Indian high Himalayan vibes: Heaven.

Thanks to all the team members to just being YOU!!!


Aarti Mankotia ​(Banker), Delhi reviewed Rediscover Thyself - ***** 5 Stars

Rising in yoga (ReDiscover ThySelf) is surely a best place to relax and rejuvenate.
when you have a mentor like saurabh (Ananta).  He is not only a good yoga therapist but a beautiful human as well...  Learn his techniques and make your life simpler...!!


Nicola Siebert Patel (London, UK

reviewed Rediscover Thyself -***** 5 Stars

I met Dhyan Saurabh (Ananta) six years ago in Goa where I had the good fortune to experience his yoga and Ayurvedic massage.  A gem of a teacher, I hope to one day visit his retreat in Himalayas.


Anand Narayana (Builder), Nagpur

reviewed Rediscover Thyself -***** 5 Stars

Saurav(Ananta) and Deborah I love you .....such an hard work done by you to make proper Wellness retreat was amazing , caring every comfort and wellbeing in such an meditative was very beautiful. Saurav you are an God gifted Healer .... You really healed me ...... Thanks

And seeing Manali threw your way was just like an heaven lived with open eyes


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