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She is a certified yoga therapist (Svyasa) and a Tantra teacher (Tantra-essence) for the last 19 years...

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My Story

She has been working in the field of physical-mental health through various healing modalities and is an expert in Ayurveda based breast massage & body massage.


Samya has always been in awe of the sacredness of feminine; her capacity to nurture and heal the world and She got trained under different teachers (Tantra) on this subject.


She has been assisting and co-teaching in many international festivals, retreats and holding shakti circles in various cities of India.


It is her divine purpose to make women of all groups and ages realize that her natural spirituality is through her body and her bliss lies in honouring and celebrating this form.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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