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8-15 Jan-Mar, 2024
Facilitated by Ananta
Mandrem - Goa, India

These 8days are a very unique and powerful Journey. It is specifically designed around the body-mind Awareness about the Chakras system. 

As there are seven bodies, there are also seven chakras, energy centers, and each chakra is connected in a special way with its corresponding body.



First Body / Chakra

The chakra of the physical body is the Muladhara. This is the first chakra and it has an integral connection with the physical body. The Muladhara chakra has two possibilities. Its first potential is a natural one that is given to us by birth; its other possibility can be attained through meditation.

The basic natural quality of this chakra is the sex urge of the physical body. The very first question that arises in the mind of the seeker is what to do in regard to this basic urge. Now there is another possibility of this chakra, and that is brahmacharya, celibacy, which is attainable through meditation.


Second Body / Chakra

The second body is the emotional or etheric body. The second body is connected to the second chakra - the swadhishthan chakra. This also has two possibilities. Basically, its natural potential is fear, hate, anger, and violence. All these states, these qualities, emanate from the natural potential of the swadhishthan chakra. If a person stagnates at the second body, then the opposite qualities needed for transformation - love, compassion, fearlessness, friendliness - do not arise.


The obstacles on the meditator’s path at the second chakra are hate, anger and violence, and the question is of their transformation. Here too the same mistake is made. One person can give vent to his anger, another can suppress his anger. One can just be fearful; another can suppress his fear and make a show of courage. But neither of these will lead to transformation.


Third Body / Chakra

The third is the astral body. This also has two dimensions. Primarily, the third body revolves around doubt and thinking. If these are transformed doubt becomes trust and thinking becomes Vivek, awareness. If doubts are repressed you never attain to shraddha, trust, though we are advised to suppress doubts and to believe what we hear.


He who represses his doubts never attains to trust, because those doubts remain repressed inside him. His doubt will creep within like cancer and eat up his vitality. Beliefs are implanted for fear of scepticism. We will have to understand the quality of doubt, we will have to live it and go along with it. Then one day we will reach a point where we will begin to have doubt about doubt itself. The moment this happens, trust arises.

We cannot reach the clarity of discrimination without going through the process of thinking. There are people who do not think and people who encourage them not to think. They say, “Do not think; drop all thoughts.” He who stops thinking lands himself in ignorance and blind faith. This is not clarity. The power of discrimination is gained only after passing through the most subtle processes of thinking.


Fourth Body / Chakra

The fourth plane is the mental body or the psyche, and the fourth chakra, the Anahata, is connected with the fourth body. The natural qualities of this plane are imagination and dreaming.

This is what the mind is always doing: imagining and dreaming. It dreams in the night and daydreams in the daytime. If imagination is fully developed, that is to say, if it is developed to its fullest extent, in a complete way, it becomes determination, will. If dreaming develops fully it is transformed into vision - psychic vision. If a man’s ability to dream is fully developed he has only to close his eyes and he can see things. He can then even see through a wall. At first, he only dreams of seeing beyond the wall; later he actually sees beyond it. Now he can only guess what you are thinking, but after the transformation, he sees what you think. Vision means seeing and hearing things without the use of the usual sense organs.


Fifth Body / Chakra

The fifth chakra is the vishuddhi chakra. It is located in the throat. The fifth body is the spiritual body. The vishuddhi chakra is connected to the spiritual body. The first four bodies and their chakras were split into two. The duality ends with the fifth body.

The difference between male and female lasts until the fourth body; after that, it ends. If we observe very closely all duality belongs to the male and the female. When the distance between male and female disappears, at that very point all duality ceases. The fifth body is non-dual. It has only one possibility, not two.

Hence the meditator need not make much effort here, because here there is nothing contrary to develop; one has only to enter. By the time we reach the fourth body we develop so much capability and strength that it is very easy to enter the fifth body. In this case, how can we tell the difference between a person who has entered the fifth body and one who has not?


Sixth Body / Chakra

The sixth is the brahman sharira, the cosmic body, and the sixth chakra is the Agya chakra. Here there is no duality. The experience of bliss becomes intense on the fifth plane and the experience of existence, of being, on the sixth. Asmita (Ego) will now be lost. Even “I am” will vanish, only is-ness will remain. The “I” will vanish at the fifth body and “am-ness- will vanish as you go beyond the fifth. The “is-ness” will be felt; tathata, suchness will be felt.


Nowhere will there be the feeling of “I” or of “am”; only that which remains. So here will be the perception of reality, of being - the perception of consciousness. But this consciousness is free of me; it is no longer my consciousness. It is only consciousness - no longer my existence, but only existence.


Seventh Plane

Nirvana, as I told you previously, means the extinction of the flame. That which was “I” is extinct; that which was “am” is extinct. But now we have again come into being by being one with the all. Now we are the brahman, and this too will have to be left. He who is ready to take the last jump knows both existence and nonexistence.

Desert Road


✨ Focus on each and every chakra challenges and how to overcome that and Being More. Being U!

✨ Understanding the Real chakra Living system.

✨ Cleanse, energize and balance your Chakra system.

✨ Find your healthy energy flow; &  reclaim  your true or divine nature;

✨ Ground & Deepen your roots.

✨ The shift from ‘Knowing Something’ to ‘Understanding Everything’

✨ Connect to the universal Spirit.

✨ Connecting spiritual awakening with the body & mind.

✨ Move into a joyful vital flow;

✨ Build trusting and nourishing relationships;

✨ Breaking the Old Patterns, Conditioned Beliefs, Habits, Addictions & Attachments

✨ Removing Guilt, Blame, shame and regret from your life permanently.

✨ And bring consciousness to your conditioning patterns;

✨ Let go of mind, roles, ideas and meet in formlessness.

✨ Express your emotional state;

✨ Create and manifest your reality.

✨ Meditation - Awareness - Presence - Stillness - Emptiness - Oneness

✨ Being natural, simple & loving, here, now, today.

✨ Forgive yourself and others to help accept yourself and others

✨ Allowing vulnerability, emotions & feelings to understand and get clarity while being the witness.

✨ Share this deep space, together – transform, Be.

✨ Allow LOVE to Decide not to Sorrow!

All Hands In



Residential Course Fee (USD/ INR): 

Pls check below all the rooms and accommodation types:


Guesthouse Single occupancy private washroom -  $ 1210 (USD) / 99,999 INR (Per Person)

Guesthouse Double occupancy private washroom  - $ 905 x 2 = 1810 (USD) / 74999 x 2 = 149,998 INR

(Sharing traveling experience)

Limited Seats Please book in advance.

Contact: +918894100666/ +919823637054


What do you get?

* 14 Sessions of MEDITATION

* 7 Sessions of Pranayama

* 7 Sessions of Therapeutic yoga or Flow yoga.

(Includes yoga therapy for Back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, Diabetes, Obesity, Anxiety, Stress, Heart disease, hypertension, depression and many more Psychosomatic disease.)

* 3 Sessions of Intensive LEARNING to be more SELF AWARE

* 1 Session of OIAC (One-On-One Intensive Aware Counselling Session)

* 1 Session of Learn and Use EBRR (Emotional Body Release & Refresh)

* 1 Session of Learn and Use RTPM (Re-energized Tibetan Pulsing Method)

Personal Time for Nature Walks, sitting near the ocean, and nature blessed forests


+ 7 nights of Accommodation & Food (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

+ Bodywork & healing therapies.

Key Breath works:





Advanced Pranayama

Breathing with Awareness

Re-energised breathing

Key Meditations:


Chakra Sound / Breathing Meditation

Nadabrama Meditation

Heart Meditation

Kundalini Meditation

Self Enquiry Meditation

Dance or Natraj Meditation


During their free time, the teachers will be available for personal and couple coaching, to give the best possible support to your process.



- Visa, insurance & transportation

- Flight Ticket and Airport taxi





The retreat offers a full program of activities that run for this 8 Days Seven Chakra Journey starting 8th at 4 pm and from next day starts at 7.00 am and finishing between 8.30 pm or 9 pm (depending upon the activity). It is compulsory to attend all the activities.

The activities on each day of the week vary, depending on the day, however, there is something in each slot for you to choose to participate in. There are two classes of yoga each day – one in the morning and one before lunch. The start time varies. You will be given a 5-day program of activities when you arrive at the retreat.


06:00 Personal activity / optional walk

07:00 Therapeutic or Kriya or Flow yoga (Deep Cleansing the body) 

08:30 Breakfast buffet

10:00 60 minutes : Meditation / Activity

11:15 Bodywork (healing sessions / spa / Free time)

12:00 60 minutes: Pranayama

13:00 Vegetarian lunch buffet

14:00 Free time

16:00 Meditation / Activity

17:00 Tea break

18:00 Intensive learning to be more self-aware / Yoga Nidra

19:00 Vegetarian dinner buffet

20:00 Ask question & answer / open house

21:30 Rest time

Beautiful Landscape


💫 Understand the Power of Thoughts & Take Charge of them

💫 Strengthen the Relationship with the SELF and Others 

💫 Reaching your True Potential, and growing infinite from there

💫 Realize the True Power of Choice & Use it Every Second

💫 HEART & ATISHA MEDITATION - Expand your Heart to the Limitless Sky and Heal through Love

💫 TOUCH WITH EMPTINESS - Soul Connection through the Art of Sacred Touch

💫 CONNECTING to Nature and our true infinite self

💫 BELLY or Hara Healing - Embodied Connection & Breathwork

💫 Buddhist & TANTRIC - Practices, & Meditations

💫 Breathe Fire into your Energy System with Ancient Tibetan Breathing Techniques the Lions Roar

💫 LIFEFORCE & Divine Energy - Activate, Ground, Circulate, Expand & Sync with yourself and with a partner.

💫 SELF-INQUIRY - Deepening the Space of Being

💫 THE MYSTERY - Know Your REAL POTENTIAL A musical Shamanic breathing Journey guided into the unknown: “From FORM to FORMLESS”

💫 Experience Powerful yet Simple Aware Meditation Practices to reduce Stress in the body and mind

💫 COMMUNICATION / SENSING - Learning to Sense, Feel and Communicate consciously, also without words, through listening and recognition of inner space.

💫 INTEGRATION - How to bring this quality of being into day-to-day life.




Beautiful Garden & born fire 


Some Practices will be done individually, some in pairs and some in groups.



This retreat is for beginners and experienced spiritual seekers alike. We welcome both men and women, individuals, singles and couples with any level of experience who are committed to their awakening.



8th @ 4PM -  15th, 1:00PM.

Total 8 days.



ReDiscover ThySelf offering Retreats in Goa. This Retreat Place is situated right in the middle of the stunning lush green nature which we are inviting you Peace Quite filled with the abundance of Nature and yet is very close (less than 10 minutes) to one of the most favourite destinations!

All this is sure to take your breath away every single time & offers the perfect environment for this deep and transformational journey.



Pre-registration is required as we will receive only 20 participants.




1. Email with your full name, contact details and gender.

2. Full payment is required to secure your space - send via PayPal/Visa & Master Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Bank Transfer / Google pay/Payment Wallets like Paytm, Tez, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc are accepted) (payment required in INR, sent via Friends & Family to avoid fees - send a screenshot or receipt by email to or WhatsApp (+918894100666) to confirm.


For any international flights, we highly recommend landing in Goa at least 1-3 days before and after the training. Allowing your body to the ground in the field pre & post retreat will deeply affect your ability to integrate the material and transmissions.



10:00am - check-in, arrive, relax

1:00pm - Lunch

4:00pm - Registration & opening circle



1:00pm - completion



"ReDiscover ThySelf Retreats offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through our program of activities that include yoga ( loosening, kriyas, breathing techniques, asanas ), meditation, therapeutic massage, healing sessions, rebounding and more, combined with tasty nutritious plant-based food and juices.

We provide a safe and loving space to experiment and express freely yourself, building relationships based on trust and respect.

Using breathing, meditations, dances, exercises, and bodywork, we will do a journey, at the same time deep and playful, into our inner self. We provide a safe and loving space to experiment and express freely yourself, building relationships based on trust and respect.

We will practice active meditations coming from Osho teachings, they are the magical keys to open your full potential. breathing will bring us in a space of deep presence, allowing the magic to happen.

Conscious Aware breathing and meditation will bring awareness and help the flow of energy through the chakra system.

In these deep experiences, you will explore the path from your most secret instincts to the bliss of existence.


ReDiscover ThySelf Retreat welcomes and opens its doors for you to experience this unique, beautiful, and abundant place in nature. It is with great joy to share with you this magical land and beautiful retreat space, peaceful yoga, and well-being sanctuary all nestled within lush green nature. All retreats are designed to allow you to unravel, breathe, and focus fully on ReDiscovering ThySelf within this amazing self-discovery journey. The hosts openly invite you to browse the pages to see, feel, or know how they can be of service to you. ReDiscover ThySelf offers bespoke retreats especially tailored to fit you.

Allowing you to experience a true synergy between mind and body!


Our Teacher Swami Ananta with support from their Team of Healers and Yoga Teachers will help and support your healing and self-discovery. All sessions are delivered using English Language and support is available for the Hindi Language as needed.


𝗔𝗡𝗔𝗡𝗧𝗔 (Dhyan Saurabh) has a pure heart with a childlike innocence that creates a safe space to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. His retreats and treatments will transport you into a deep state of silence, self-love, and awakening.

His unique offering is inspired by various teachers and traditions around the world and birthed from his own experience throughout the years.

Ananta is a founder of ReDiscover ThySelf and he took his path of yoga 18 years ago and used it to heal himself from recurrent health issues. Subsequently, he deepened his yoga practice and learned many different healing arts, including meditative inquiry, and now is a spiritual seeker dedicated to the journey to self.

Our Teacher Shri AnantaJeevan with support from their Team of Healers and Yoga Teachers will help and support your healing and self-discovery. All sessions are delivered using English Language and support is available for the Hindi Language as needed.

As a leading international facilitator, his guidance combines Osho, traditional Buddhist and Tantra practices, the Shamanic path, self-inquiry methods and some more modern and approachable embodiment practices. He has been offering workshops for years in some of the biggest festivals in the world and holds annual retreats in Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and many more places in India Visited many times as a Guest teacher in Maldives, Bali and Thailand. 



With Love

Ananta & the Team


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