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Laughter needs a deep breath; if you laugh, a deep breath'll be released.

If you suppress, your breath cannot be deep.

That's why nobody is breathing deeply, just shallow breathing, because much has been suppressed in your childhood & after it you can't breathe deeply. If you go deeper you'll become afraid. Sex has been suppressed through breath, laughter has been suppressed through breath, anger has been suppressed through breath. Breath is a mechanism to suppress or release-hence my insistence on chaotic breathing, because if you breathe chaotically, then laughter, screaming, everything'll come up and all your suppression's will be thrown out. They can't be thrown out in another way, because breathing, breath, is the way you have suppressed them.

Try to suppress anything: what will you do? You'll not breathe deeply; you'll breathe shallowly, you'll breathe just from the upper part of the lungs. You'll not go deeper because deeper it is suppressed. In the belly, everything is suppressed. So when you really laugh the belly vibrates; hence, Buddha's big-bellied portraits. The belly is relaxed, & then the stomach is not a suppressed reservoir. If you see a saint sad, sadness is there, but the saint is not there. He has stilled himself somehow and is every moment afraid. Anything can disturb him.

Nothing can disturb if real silence has happened. Then everything helps it to grow. If you're really silent you can sit in a market, and even the market cannot disturb it. Rather, you feed on the noise of the market & that noise becomes more silence in you. Really, to feel silence a market is needed-because if you have real silence, then the market becomes the background & the silence becomes perfect in contrast. You can feel the inner silence bubbling against the market.

There is no need to go to the Himalayas. And if you go, what'll you see? Against the silence of the Himalayas your mind will be chattering. Then you'll feel more chattering, because the background is in silence. The background is the silence, & you'll feel more chattering.

If the real happens to U and U are unafraid, it can't be taken away. Nothing can disturb it.

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