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Radiant Bosom

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Why Breast care is important?

Breasts are one of the most wondrous part of a feminine body. It is a symbol of her beauty, her softness, her sensitivity, her nurturing ability, her elegance, her motherliness, and a lot more. They are intimately connected to woman’s health. How she feels about her breasts may even shape her personality. Breasts also play a vital role in regulating hormones as they have direct nerve connections to female genitalia; and they go through much shifts as she moves through various phases of her being a feminine.
Breast hold magical powers. It provides the very first food and warmth to humans as we born. Powerful orgasms are possible just alone through breasts. For some, their breast functions like radars which gives them intuitive awareness.

But, instead of celebrating the mystical capacities of our breasts, what makes them suffer to the extent that it attracts diseases and discomforts to many women in the world?

Do you know breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most cancer overall?
Other than that, many women complaint about pain and lack of sensitivity/pleasure in their breasts.

Breast also being a symbol of women’s beauty, many opt for surgeries to fix it as per ‘the standard’, which has often unpleasant side effects due to the implanting of silicon to increase the size or cutting many nerve endings around the areola to lift them up.

We ourselves know many of the reasons that come along with the modern life style - like pollution in the food and water we consume, lack of exercise, improper use of bra. But along with all of these, a lot of unhealed emotions and traumas, non-acceptance and love and lack of nurturing from our own selves.
YES! BREASTS LACK OUR LOVE. We either hide them, compare & complaint about them or manipulate them. How many of us touch our breasts with care and affection? Have we ever thanked the beauty and magnificence it adds to our femininity irrespective of the size and shape that fashion industry says they should have?

So, here is this retreat through which we can pamper our beautiful bosom with all our love and care and bring out the radiance it always already have!

In this workshop you are going to learn:

* Therapeutic self-breast massage techniques
* Honoring rituals and meditation
* Breast yoga

In Detail:

1. Breast Massage
Based on Ayurveda, this massage includes -
• Lymphatic drainage helps to flush out toxins.
• Balances prana by working on the marma points and nadis. These points are gateway to body-wisdom.
• Works on the whole upper torso to promote better circulation and release of the negative charge.
• Massages on the breast tissues itself to move the stagnant energy from all the vulnerable areas.
• Can dissolve certain cysts and prevent diseases of breasts.
• Removes stretch marks and scar tissue after surgeries.

2. Yoga
In this form of yoga, we focus on the upper torso which will help in the Natural lifting of sagging breast by strengthening the supportive muscles and ligaments that holds breasts.
These flow yoga allows natural movements to the breast which they are usually denied with the unfit bra and clothing.
Thus helps in beautifying and overall health of breast by increasing circulation and tissue oxygenation.


3. Meditation
Energetically, breasts are connected to the heart chakra, which is also a positive center for the feminine energy. Opening this energetic and physical area results in feelings of expansion, vulnerability, and joy. Thus, healing done at chest area can give overall wellbeing to get her.
More than that, even in spirituality many practices are male oriented. There are very few meditations which are feminine oriented. What we are offering here are some among those.


Over all these retreat will helps you in your overall health and beauty by -
• Stimulates anti-aging hormones such as prolactin, estrogen, and oxytocin.
• Increases sensitivity
• Improves circulation & tissue oxygenation
• Reducing pain and inflammation.
• Strengthens the tissues and beautifies.
• Enhances self-esteem and acceptance.
• Heals emotional wounds and energetic blockages in breasts.

So, come and join sisters.
Let’s free our breasts from the suffocation of the bra and from suffocation of our conditioning.
Let’s take that tiny step towards a real feminine empowerment. Yes. I emphasis the term real. It is not by following men’s way, we get strong. It is only by owning gracefully our femininity, we become empowered and that lies a lot in the care we give to our feminine self – physical and psychological.

I see you warrior women in the live sessions.



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